Book of the Night​-​Legends

by Arathgoth



Vampires, lycans, dragons, cursed fate ... it's all the book of night-legends tells! I let you open the book, and lose your soul ever !!! I thank the authors Robert Jordan, Renee Vivien and bram store and movies underworld, voracious and Viking! these worlds have inspired me.

released 11/11/2014

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released November 11, 2014



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Track Name: Blood in my Eyes
the blood is my life.
to die is my wish.
To live for the hate.
Suffering is my pleasure.

The death my passion.
to breathe my enemy.
Days are the darkness.
Nights are my destiny.

my fate is as cold as ice.
living in my nightmare, / tears are painful,
Blood in my eyes.

spreading my evil wings,
I ride the night.
to seek my prey,
always hungry.

red eyes, pale face, sharp teeth, dark wings!
I'm the eternal demons of damnation.
Track Name: Vampiric Doll
Blood always blood.
Always craving thirst.
Years of life, but no memory
Just the coldness of the grave.
She can not stand this, his half life.
Her white skin, her sharp fangs.

A hunger that can never satisfy.
These long nights chasing.
She wants to change this, but the priest can do this!
He said yes, he knew the cure!
she will try her luck, she has nothing to lose!

she did not think having to pay a such price!

Like all, the priest is a liar.
he dominates her and makes her slave.
She can not fight, just be her toy!
And he takes advantage of his vampiric doll!

She regretted no longer his curse.
It will be only his devoted puppet.
His slave in body , mind and all!
His object of desire, his vampiric doll!
Track Name: A Penance of God
My heart is full of despair and darkness
Soundless voices scream in my soul,

Worst accusations haunt me.
A wicked man’s pleasure,
All the voices blames me.
A penance of God.

My sleep shall be that of the death,
I shall arise as dancing flames,

Worst accusations haunt me.
A wicked man’s pleasure,
All the voices blames me.
A penance of God.

I descend into a dark depression.
As a black eternity who devours me.
And a new torment awake me
the penance of god

And a new torment awake me
the penance of god
And a new torment awake me
the penance of god
And a new torment awake me
the penance of god
Track Name: Offer to your Teeth
The Moon shining into the sky,
Roarings resound into the night.
The cryies of the strong winter wind ,
The storm blew on the dark night…

She's the girl offered at your teeth …
My darkness masters, fearless and fair.
Wake up of your sleep

Where goes the roaring of the wolves.
Come on, my powerful Demons,
We shall bring down the human,
And around the flash of lightning,
the night recognized our voice.
The earth will listen to our wild musics,
And the rebel heavens will bend under our effort …

Come to me
who wait for you,
Lycans of the Night!
She's the girl offer to your teeth …
She's the girl offer to your teeth
Lycans of the Night!
Track Name: Shadows are Coming
Track Name: Children of the Dragon
Darkness fell upon the earth,
World will be broken stone after stone.
Oceans left their shores, the mountains were swallowed.

The moon seems like blood, the sun was as ashes.
Seas will be burning, the living envied the dead.

everything was lost except the memory, and a memory above all others.
Remember the one who caused the coming of the Shadow and the destruction of the World.
And this one was appointed...dragon.

Death was spread on earth
the Children of the Dragon appeared,
fires of the sky cleanse the earth
People of the Dragon dancing with the death.
Track Name: Groan of the Drakkar
Track Name: Revolt of the Lycans
Track Name: The Virgin Sacrificed
Track Name: Desert Wings
Track Name: Ritual of the Skeleton